You CAN transform your life through habit change!

Good Juju focuses on lifting your vibration, eliminating stress, and living a life full of happiness and abundance. This is the power of transformational coaching.

Raise your internal frequency, break through to your full potential and achieve spiritual freedom. I empower people to make life-altering changes in their health and wellness once and for all!

Science has shown us that everything is energy, therefore everything has a frequency, including the human body. When we raise our frequency, we begin emitting a signal that lines up with our dreams. Manifestation of a desired outcome first begins by healing your thoughts and raising your vibration.

No matter what your life goals and wellness needs are, having good support and accountability will keep you on the path to success. Since each person is unique, it's unrealistic to believe there's one diet or standard formula that works for everyone. Together, through food testing and lifestyle analysis, we will create a custom diet and strategic life plan that works just for you. 

I offer a 90 day holistic approach which will help you raise your internal frequency, establish new, empowering habits and break old patterns that have kept you blocked from becoming the best version of yourself. Spiritual freedom occurs when you cast off old beliefs and behaviors that don't serve you. Deepak Chopra says, "Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not."  

Improve your quality of life, achieve your goals, and transform your health today!  The dreams we have and the feelings we want to feel need to be in sync!  Now is the time to take control of your health and address your body, mind and soul as a whole and live your best life possible. 

- Julie Rasmussen

Good Juju Health & Wellness with Julie Rasmussen

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Dedicate yourself to a higher quality of life!

Coaching programs to fit your lifestyle

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8-week group program

This 8-week holistic group course will empower you to make life-altering changes in your health and wellness once and for all! We will meet every week to get you on the right path.

Throughout the course we’ll explore the benefits of mindful eating and nutrition. You’ll discover how to work with your body, mind and soul to create higher frequencies and more energy with food, plants and lifestyle choices.

90-day 1:1 coaching

This 12 week private coaching course is a holistic approach designed to empower you to make life-altering changes in your health and wellness once and for all!

You’ll receive one-on-one coaching that is focused to your specific needs. I’ll help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind and unblock disabling beliefs that have kept you from losing weight, moving forward, and achieving your goals.

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Working with Julie was a great experience for me. I am a busy adjunct professor, commuting between three community colleges. After gaining weight from stress eating earlier this year, I decided to work with Julie to address my habits in hopes of losing weight. Not only did Julie help me identify my habits and the root causes of them, she also helped me break them. One of my favorite things about her program is that it is holistic, so it is not just about diet, but the entire person. We looked at the things going on in my life and how they impact my eating habits. It's so much more than just what I put in my body; it is also about why I put things in my body. Identifying negative triggers and learning how to cope with those things outside of food has been the key to success. I lost 12 pounds during the 12 week program with Julie. I have been able to curb many of the habits that led me to stress eat while still enjoying food and developing a quick "bounce back" in the moments that I slip. In addition, Julie also provides guidelines, like the "magic plate" and the 20-minute meal to help create positive eating rituals that are doable, even with a busy lifestyle. While working on my eating habits, we also gave attention to my mental and spiritual wellbeing. She offers an all around great, effective program that I highly recommend! I will be working with Julie again in the near future.​

- Christine Granillo

     College Professor from Southern California

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