• Julie Rasmussen

Meditation Medicine

As a mental and emotional multiplier, meditation has been a game changer for me in regards to my health and wellness. Not only has meditation been proven to promote wellbeing and emotional balance, it's also shown to improve cognitive function. Taking a few moments to quiet the mind and set intentions for the day has helped me raise my internal vibration and lower my stress levels. The more I meditate, the more grounded I feel, and the less mistakes I make. Living in a fast -paced world, it takes a concentrated effort to slow down, but well worth the benefits.

When I first started meditating, I couldn't sit still and I had trouble quieting my mind. So many thoughts would race through my head, like what I was going to make for dinner that night, to the time I dislocated my shoulder in 5th grade while doing gymnastics on the playground. I thought about the window displays at my boutique, the birds chirping outside, and the next color of toenail polish I was going to choose. My mind was like a movie reel that would switch from constant fast-forward mode to high speed flashbacks.

I decided to take some meditation classes in an effort to help me focus. I found that I was not alone; all of the other students also had the same issue. It seemed as though quieting the mind was quite an undertaking for many.

Tania (the beautiful, zen-like instructor) said, "Imagine a ship anchored in the calm waters of the sea. The waves gently come and go rocking the boat a bit. Imagine yourself as the ship and your thoughts as the waves. Let them come and go without judgment." This analogy really helped me with my practice. Her peaceful approach to calming our chaotic minds was more than sobering.

I started with baby steps and meditated for 5 minutes a day until it became easier, then I added on from there. Now (5 years later), I make a 20-minute morning meditation part of my daily ritual.

Not only does meditating help me manage stress and anxiety, it also helps me to work out problems internally and find solutions. I notice I have more energy (a calmer but higher energy), and things that used to bother me don't have as much of a negative impact on me anymore. The waves of life are easier to manage emotionally and mentally.

If you haven't tried meditating, I highly suggest it. It's also scientifically proven that meditating reduces blood pressure, regulates cortisol levels (the stress hormone), and improves immune system function.

(Take meditation medicine daily for best results. Side effects may include: clarity, peacefulness and walking on sunshine.)

Tips For Meditating:

  1. Sit with a straight spine so you have room to take deep breaths.

  2. Make sure your head is straight.

  3. Close your eyes.

  4. Start breathing in and out through your nose.

  5. Fill your belly all the way up to your chest with your breath then breathe it out.

  6. Let the thoughts come and go with no judgment.

  7. Create a sacred space with candles, fresh flowers or soft music.

  8. Incorporate aromatherapy with essential oils.

  9. Relax.

  10. Be gentle with yourself.




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