• Julie Rasmussen

Worm Wisdom

The wise messages of the inchworm remind us to take life one inch at a time.

I’ve recently been going through a phase in my life that seems largely overwhelming at times. From downsizing my existing retail boutique of 25 years, to transitioning into a bigger commitment with my health and wellness coaching business (and everything else in between), there have been times when I literally wanted to give up because I felt unsettled and things were not moving quickly enough.

One day I noticed a little green inchworm on my bathroom floor. He was up on his back legs waving his body at me (like one of those inflatable tube men you see at used car lots). It was as if the little messenger was trying to get my attention. I imagined he was telepathically shouting, “Hey you! Look down here! I’ve got something to say!” (Yes, I was sober.) I was perplexed; how in the world did a worm get into the house? I didn’t have any doors or windows open, and no pets to hitch a ride on. Since I had never really taken the time to observe the behavior of an inchworm before, I decided to give it my undivided attention. I sat there for a few moments and watched as he lifted his body up, waved it around, then landed forward to scoot an inch ahead. This was quite amusing, but after a while I decided to relocate him to the back patio where I watched him journey off into the neighbor’s yard—one little, determined scoot at a time. I thought to myself how amazing it was that this small and humble creature could travel such great distances just one inch at a time.

The next day I noticed two more green inchworms in the house. This time they were on the soles of a brand new pair of shoes that I had unpacked the night before and left on my kitchen floor. OK, now this is weird! Two worms? I started searching the house for more. Maybe there was an infestation somewhere? Maybe they were feeding on my indoor plants? After several minutes of panic searching with no avail, I gently relocated those guys as well to an outdoor bush.

I grabbed the new shoes and headed out to a family gathering. While I was there, I began talking to my friend Jane about life, life changes, career, etc. I shared with her how overwhelmed I felt at times with everything going on and how giving up seemed easier than pushing through. She encouraged me with a story about her friend who was in a similar position and right when she felt like giving up, a huge breakthrough occurred. “Don’t give up! You’ve got this!” She said.

After the event, my mom stopped by and as we were sitting in the kitchen talking, I noticed another green worm on my step stool. What the heck?!!! Why are all of these green worms showing up? What does this mean? My mom turns to me with excitement and says, “Look up inchworm meanings!” I grabbed my iPhone and googled inchworm meanings.

The first link I clicked on read: “The meaning of the worm speaks about miraculous regeneration and healing. You may be experiencing a healing period in your own life, prompting you to become a different but better person, or you may also be witnessing miraculous healing in others. The worm meaning reassures you that just when you feel like giving up, you will receive your breakthrough. You will experience your rebirth at just the perfect time.

The worm symbolism also speaks about taking life one step at a time. Don’t be in such a hurry to get to your destination that you miss out on the meaningful moments. March to the beat of your own drum and do what makes you genuinely happy.”

Wow! This was almost verbatim to what Jane had expressed earlier that day. I knew the Universe was clearly trying to communicate this message to me, first through worms, then through a trusted friend, and now an internet article. I looked up and said out loud, “Thank you for the message! I receive!”

I’ve never seen an inchworm since, their work here was done! I thought it was interesting how they showed up on shoes and a step ladder—things that resemble taking steps. I carry the wise message with me as a reminder to never give up and to take life one inch at a time.


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